Prevent Apples from Turning Colors With This Slicing Trick

Toddler hand removing piece from sliced apple

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Slice It Right

Toddler hand removing piece from sliced apple

  • What: Slicing apples
  • When: 12 months until they can use a knife
  • Why: Keep slices from turning brown
  • Where: On the go

If your kids only eat apple slices, but won’t touch an entire apple to save their lives, learn this handy trick that’s especially useful for traveling.

Sliced apple with rubber band holding it together in apple shape
Use a rubber band to keep the slices stable and prevent browning.

Slice an apple all the way around, stopping just shy of the core. Once the entire apple is in slices (but before the slices actually separate from the core), wrap a rubber band around the entire thing to hold them in place.

Sliced apple with one slice sticking out
If you look closely, you can see the slices go all the way around the apple.

When your kids get hungry, grab the whole apple and pull off as many slices as they can eat without having to pack any cutting tools or a bag of slices that (heaven forbid them from being eaten!) might turn brown. My kids object to slices browning, and this trick keeps them from turning colors before we eat them. It comes in handy in cars and on airplanes, when you might get a plastic knife, but only if you’re lucky. It also means I can bring one apple instead of three apples, one for each child.

Sliced apple in apple shape missing one wedge piece
I didn’t finish packing this one before a little hand snuck a piece.

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