Top Picks for Traveling with Infants

Infant sleeping in car seat on airplane with wubbanub soothie pacifier resting on chest

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Sweeten the Journey with These 7 ThingsInfant sleeping in car seat on airplane with wubbanub soothie pacifier resting on chest

  • What: Toys and products for long trips
  • When: Traveling with kids under 12 months
  • Why: Keep them entertained, keep your sanity
  • Where: On any trip

Oball toy with pink purple and blue

Oball: This lightweight ball can be squished into any bag and weighs next to nothing, yet the distinct texture and bright colors makes it easy to find. Plus, babies love it.

Wubbanub pacifier with small frog attached

Wubbanub Soothie Pacifier: Even if your baby doesn’t like pacifier, they can play with the attached stuffed animal or chew on the Soothie style pacifier to relieve pressure in their ears from elevation changes.

Hohner kids rainmaker rattle with clear plastic walls , multicolored balls inside, a purple top, and pink bottom

Rainmaker Rattle: These musical instrument make a pleasant sound that won’t drive other passengers batty.The visual fascination keeps young kids mesmerized.

Priddy books tiny books in numbers and words

Tiny Books: These books can even fit in a pocket in a pinch, and the small sturdy size makes them great for tiny hands. Even if they don’t like listening to books yet, the bright colors and illustrations make them fun to flip and manipulate.

Chewbeads brand necklace safe for babies to put in mouth in turquoise blue

Chewbeads: This chewing toy doubles as a stylish accessory for parents, plus you can wear it, so it’s one less thing you have to pack or carry in a bag.

Infant in ring sling

Ring Sling: I love lots of carriers, but this one packs best and offers the most positions to help make travel go smoothly for everyone. The extra material in the tail also doubles as a breastfeeding cover, so I have one less thing to remember, find, and settle with a hungry baby.

Metal lunch box with small toys inside to keep kids busy

Busy Boxes: I’m a firm believer in novel items restricted to use during travel times to help keep kids from getting frustrated.

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