Piggy Bank Toy

Fisher price laugh and learn piggy bank musical toy pink pig with colored coins

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Save Your Sanity Without Losing the Appeal

Fisher price laugh and learn piggy bank musical toy pink pig with colored coins

  • What: Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank
  • When: 6 months to 3 years
  • Why: Durable, affordable, wide age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

I bought this musical piggy bank toy for my firstborn six years ago. Not only do my kids still play with it, but I still love it. I’ve listened to it on a regular basis for more than 15 years, and the music and sounds still don’t annoy me. I love pigs, so I’m particularly fond of this toy. But it lasts, both because it doesn’t break even with a lot of kid abuse, and because it still appeals to them for such a long time, unlike many safe infant toys.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank on Amazon

The pig comes with ten plastic coins in five different colors. Each color – green, blue, orange, yellow, and red – comes in both big and small versions. Kids can put the coins into the slot on the pig’s back and open the clear plastic door on the side to remove them. The pig comes with three settings, including the much-prized by parents setting of off. The music setting sings catchy learning songs (not the annoying ones, and I’ve had plenty of encounters with that type) on topics like counting and colors. The counting setting counts coins as they go into the bank. Kids can also push the pig’s nose to get a variety of sound effects.

Piggy bank toy from fisher price laugh and learn
You can see the switch on top of our older version that controls the settings.

More importantly, it comes with a volume control and an off setting. I have never once heard this pig sound off randomly when not in use, even when left on, unlike many other toys in our bins. (Firetruck and rocket ship, I’m looking at you.)

Plastic large coins in orange, green, blue, red, and yellow laid out in front of open door on fisher price laugh and learn piggy bank
Amazingly, our bank still contains nine of the coins without any hunting needed on my part.

The newer version not only includes Spanish, but two levels of responses tailored to age. You can move a switch to choose between Level One, geared towards six month old babies with simple words and responses like “open”, or Level Two, which involves more complex interactions like finding a certain coin, aimed at 12 months and up.

Fisher price laugh and learn piggy bank from the front
Kids can push the pig’s nose to make more sounds and songs.

I caught my seven and five year old playing with it just the other day. They sang along with the tunes from their infant days and played games they made up with the coins. I have also made this piggy bank one of my go to toys for gifting because kids love it so much.

Elementary kids playing with fisher price laugh and learn piggy bank and coins
My oldest two kids playing with the piggy bank and coins.

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