Episencial Soothing Cream

Episencial soothing cream from Babytime with bit of lotion squeezed out of tube

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Soothe Sensitive Skin

Episencial soothing cream from Babytime with bit of lotion squeezed out of tube
  • What: Episencial Soothing Cream
  • When: Birth until they can pick their own
  • Why: Calms inflamed skin, no irritating ingredients
  • Where: Amazon

I scored a trial size of this lotion in one of my monthly mom and baby boxes (sadly, now defunct, though I loved them dearly). I loved that this lotion had an excellent score on the Healthy Living app and didn’t upset my children’s highly sensitive yet dry skin. All Episencial products contain zero harmful ingredients such as synthetic fragrances or preservatives.

Episencial Soothing Cream on Amazon

I used the original bottle in just a few weeks and immediately set out to source more. Lucky for me, I found it on Amazon, and I stocked up. I liked it so much, I expanded to some of their other products, too, like sunscreen.

Close up of label with very hungry caterpillar crawling out of a pear on episencial soothing cream
My kids asked for this “caterpillar lotion” regularly.

My kids regularly asked for the “caterpillar” lotion. Although the product packaging has changed, they loved the recognizable illustrations and knew this cream was meant for them. I kept it handy so I could use it anytime they asked without worrying about it upsetting their delicate skin. It came in especially useful after baths, when their skin got dehydrated. (But skip their feet once they can walking to prevent sliding and falls!)

Episencial Baby Kit on Amazon

If you want a great present, try their gift set, which contains the soothing cream, baby wash, and baby balm, as well as a copy of The Hungry Little Caterpillar – the book from which all the product illustrations come.

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