Felt Food Sandwich Set

Melissa and Doug felt food sandwich set with pieces in a pile

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Sandwich Success Into Your Play Kitchen

Melissa and Doug felt food sandwich set with pieces in a pile
  • What: Melissa & Doug Felt Food Sandwich Play Food Set
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Quiet, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

My kids got this Felt Food Sandwich Set as a gift many moons ago. It comes with so many pieces I’ve no idea if we still have them all, much less corralled in their play kitchen. But the biggest reason to love it? The silence.

Melissa & Doug Felt Food Sandwich Play Food Set on Amazon

Unlike their cookie making set, which they also adore, felt food makes no noise. They can drop it on the floor or in the kitchen sink with nary a sound. In a small household with three kids close in age, anything I can do to reduce the noise level makes a tremendous difference.

Melissa and Doug felt food set with random assortment of pieces in a pile
Our felt sandwich set.

The sandwich set includes a pita pocket, subway sandwich bread, two slices of white bread, and two slices of brown bread, so no matter how you prefer your sandwich delivery, they’ve got your sandwich covered. It also has an egg, slices of bacon, slices of cucumber, pickle slices, ketchup, mayo, mustard, jelly, peanut butter, onions, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, salami and some unidentified pink deli meat.

Subway grinder sandwich made from felt pieces of Melissa and Doug sandwich set
Sandwich that stays together through the magic of felt pieces.

Each felt piece magically sticks to the other pieces without the need for Velcro or any other device. That means that while it can do double duty as a cleaning cloth if your kids also decide to use the pieces as skates on wooden floors, they will still stick together. They do collect dust bunnies and fuzz regularly, but in a household without a regular housekeeper, I find that hard to complain about.

cardboard tray packaging from melissa and doug felt sandwich food play set
Our cardboard tray lined with the paper from the packaging and tape.

I liked the cardboard tray the set came packed inside so much I kept that, too. I use it to store all the felt pieces in my kids’ kitchen, so it pulls out like a drawer for access. I stuck the included paper with a list of all the parts inside with some packing tape. My kids can carry the cardboard box like a tray to collect all the pieces they used in their picnics and camping and for pretend school lunches when clean up time rolls around.

Sandwich on white bread made with melissa and doug felt pieces
You can see some fuzz on this sandwich.

Despite years of ownership and lots of munches both pretend and otherwise, these pieces remain in great shape. Not a single one has torn despite multiple trips riding around and around on the brushes of the robotic vacuum. If needed, you can wipe the pieces clean with a damp cloth. But full disclosure: in more than four or five years of ownership, I’ve never done more than pick off a few pieces of fluff.

Melissa and doug felt pieces from sandwich set
Stuff your sandwiches with an assortment of fillings.

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend this set for kids under 36 months, but with no small pieces and none that even appear they could break off to become small pieces, I’ve no idea why. Maybe some toddlers might munch on the cardboard box or other packaging?

Pita pocket made from melissa and doug felt food sandwich set
A pita pocket made from pieces of the set.

Don’t get me wrong. We still have all our plastic and wooden play food sets. But when they drop a pot on the floor, in the seconds before impact, I always hope it’s filled with felt food.

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