Where’s Waldo?

Where's Waldo? look and find search book by Martin Handford

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Watch Waldo Wander

Where's Waldo? look and find search book by Martin Handford

  • What: Where’s Waldo? books
  • When: Ages 3 and up
  • Why: Entertaining, classic, amazing detail
  • Where: Amazon

Have you found Waldo(aka Wally depending on where you are)? He originally wandered into my life as a child at the height of his popularity, but my children have recently rediscovered the joys of finding him.

Where’s Waldo? on Amazon 

Much like other look and find books, Waldo encourages them to observe and search the increasingly details scenes. Waldo appears only once on each page, so the books require no counting skills. The varied scenes appeal to almost any age with their bright colors, though the pages can be torn with too much enthusiasm.

Page from Where's Waldo? original book
Waldo writes a note for each page including hints for fun things to find.

Seeing who can spot Waldo first will keep all three of my kids going page after page. They haven’t found the myriad of other characters lurking about on each spread, but once they lose a little interest, I can remind them to look. In addition to people, Waldo loses his stuff, and kids and adults alike can go back and start the search all over again at the beginning of the book for the missing items.

A close up from one of the scenes of Where's Waldo
Waldo can be surprisingly hard to spot even on a smaller scale.

If you still need more searching, or you have more hours to kill while you wait, the back cover contains a list of items you can find in each scene. I’ve never made it through one list much less all of them, but the bang for the buck means I’m willing to travel with Waldo even with the large size.

Where's Waldo checklist at the end of the book of more things to find on each page
One half of the checklists of additional things to find on each page.

At about the size of most picture books, Waldo comes in many different titles. Once your kids memorize his location everywhere in one book, you can move onto a new selection for more fun.

Three kids looking for Waldo in Where's Waldo book
My kids can all enjoy this book together.

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