Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty SPF 30 oil free moisturizer 2 fl oz tube with blue line across top

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Safer Skincare That Works

Juice Beauty SPF 30 oil free moisturizer 2 fl oz tube with blue line across top
  • What: Juice Beauty skin care products
  • When: You need an indulgence
  • Why: Organic ingredients, high safety rating
  • Where: Amazon

I scored my first Juice Beauty product in a monthly mom and baby box, much like Episencial soothing cream. If it hadn’t magically appeared on my doorstep, I might never have known how much I love their products.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sheer Mineral Moisturizer on Amazon

I started with their green apple moisturizer. I used it once, and immediately packed it for a three week trip abroad, where I used it every day. I brought it back and realized I couldn’t live without it. I suffered a bit of sticker shock when I went to replace my first tube, but also discovered they have a moisturizer with SPF. I switched to that (though I still love the green apple scent and use it when I don’t need SPF) and haven’t looked back.

Juice Beauty oil free organic moisturizer safe zinc oxide tube
I use my Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil Free Moisturizer religiously in the warmer months.

I squeeze every last drop out of my tube of moisturizer. I’m not one for lots of products, especially on my face. But I am a big believer in using sunscreen, and this one really helps me out. Instead of having to remember sunscreen (I now carry it in my bag because this has happened to me so many times), I put on Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer every morning. With its SPF 30 coverage, it keeps me protected even when I forget to apply sunscreen to my face, or, more likely, end up outside for long periods of time during prime sun hours unexpectedly. Let’s face it. Life with kids involves a lot of unexpected occasions regardless of how much I plan.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 oil free moisturizer and lip protection trio chapstick in joyful playful and naturally clear
I love all my Juice Beauty products immensely.

I tend to use it daily from April to October, and one two-ounce container will last me about six months. I keep it on my wish list year round, because at around $30 per tube, it costs more than what I used to use. But I love the smell, the feel, how it wears, and the fact that the organic ingredients mean it isn’t going to cause me any health problems down the line. It gets a green circle rating of one on the Healthy Living Index, which matters to me as well.

Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen SPF 30 on Amazon

I quickly figured out that I got almost twice as much product for the same expense with their Sport Sunscreen. It comes in a 3.75 fluid ounce(110 mL) package, instead of the 2 fluid ounce (60 mL) moisturizer size. If you want more for less, give it a try as well. It goes on much thicker than the moisturizer, so I use more at once, but it still comes out much lower on a price per use basis, and works great even for all day sun protection and adds water resistance as well.

Juice Beauty SPF 8 Lip Moisturizer Trio on Amazon

I loved both these items so much I expanded into their other product lines. I now have one of these lip protection beauties in almost every jacket pocket. It not only looks fabulous, but also sports a SPF 8 rating. This year, I’ve added their lip conditioning color and organic lip moisturizer to my list. They also offer tinted moisturizer as well as blemish creams and a variety of cleansers.

Juice Beauty chapstick trio lip moisturizer with SPF 8
I keep one of these in my bag as well as my jacket pockets.

If you haven’t tried Juice Beauty and want to splurge on yourself or someone else with a clear conscience, I highly recommend the brand.

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