Packing for Travel

Be Prepared for AdventureChild with backpack suitcase from Yodo Kids pulling toddler on JetKids bed box suitcase

  • What: Tricks and topics for packing
  • When: Traveling with kids
  • Why: Keep calm and carry on
  • Where: On any trip with kids

Eagle Creek Pack It Tube filled with clothes

The Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes keep kids’ clothes organized.

Packing Cubes: We got these awesome packing cubes before we had kids to fit our Eagle Creek suitcases, and I’ve never looked back. It turns out they fit kids’ clothes perfectly, too.

Kids clothes in pile with some turned inside out

I can tell at a glance which clothes need to be cleaned and which can get put away after returning home.

Dirty Clothes: When I’m packing my cubes during a trip, I use this handy trick to decipher which clothes need to be washed and which can go directly back into circulation.

JetKids Bedbox shown installed on an airplane seat

JetKids Bedbox in action on an airplane

JetKids Bedbox: I’ve only recently discovered this new product, but it’s crazy useful for airline travel with youngs kids. It turns any airplane seat into a flat bed surface and doubles as not only a suitcase but as stroller, too. Brilliant!

Yodo kids rolling backpack suitcase in blue sharkdesign

Our Yodo Kids rolling backpack suitcase in the shark option

Kids Rolling Suitcases: My kids pack their own suitcases of important things these days. I love the bigger Yodo Kids brand with more pockets, as well as the smaller Popatu type for younger kids. They both turn into backpacks to navigate trickier terrains or if they need their hands free.

Lable Daddy labels in bright blue

Everyone in our family uses these labels for everything.

Labels: I confess I use these labels for school and everything else, not just travel. But they come in especially handy for labeling suitcases and anything else that might go an unintentional adventure without us.

Skip Hop Pronto diaper changing mat

My favorite diaper changing supplies can be carried alone or fit into almost any bag and keep everything you need in one easy to grab place.

Changing Mat: I refused to leave the house without this Pronto changing mat and pockets from Skip Hop when we had kids in diapers.

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