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Train series by Stone Arch Readers Level one Big City Freight Circus Train titles

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 Training Your Little Reader

Train series by Stone Arch Readers Level one Big City Freight Circus Train titles

  • What: Stone Arch Readers train books
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Packable, short, beloved
  • Where: Amazon

Like many kids, my eldest child has an obsession with trains. That worked out well for us, since my youngest has an equal fascination with them, and the older one hasn’t outgrown the interest yet. We got our first lightweight Stone Arch Readers books as a gift from my mother. Both of us, adult and child, loved them so much that I asked for the other three titles in the series. We have since taken them on countless trips, from foreign countries to backcountry camping.

City Train by Stone Arch Books on Amazon

I love them because not only are they lightweight and easy to slide into any suitcase or diaper bag, but they are also short. When we travel, I like to get the kids in bed as soon as possible, both for their enjoyment and mine.

Page from inside City Train Stone Arch easy Reader book for kids
Low word counts and repetitive words make these lightweight books a huge hit at our house, like with the excerpt from City Train.

But my kids love these books so much I can’t restrict them to travel only. We read them constantly at home. We own City Train, Freight Train, Circus Train, and Big Train. Younger kids love the repetition, but the limited word count also works well for older kids learning to read. These books have long outlasted their price point, and we haven’t finished with them yet. I anticipate many more trips together with this series.

Circus Train, Big Train, City Train, and Freight Train from Stone Arch easy readers level one series
We love all four of these train titles.

If your kids have other obsessions, check out Stone Arch Readers for more topics to love, including fire trucks, school buses, trucks, tractors, and a series about Little Lizard dealing with topics such a new baby and starting school.

Back cover of Freight Train Stone Arch Reader easy reader for young kids
Stone Arch Readers work great for toddlers and beginning readers.

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