String Art Display

Child's art hung from string with clips to display

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Simple Ways to Showcase Work

Child's art hung from string with clips to display

  • What: Rotating art display
  • When: As soon as they start producing works of art
  • Why: Keep the art on the wall
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a way to display your child’s art in a tight space? Maybe you hate hunting down nails and frames and putting holes in the walls? Like most of my brilliant ideas, including slicing apples and turning peanut butter upside down, I stole this one from a friend.

100 Mini Binder Clips in Assorted Colors on Amazon

Using push pins and string or yarn, hang out a length of string. You can make it as long or short as you like. The original idea I saw down the entire length of a hall, about 15 feet long. Ours runs shorter, more like 8 feet, because we don’t have a ton of wall space left.

Children's art displayed by handing from string and pins and clips
Our rotating display of art hangs from a string in the dining room.

Pin the string up in several places in the middle, making a similar shape to draping fabric in swags. Then use clothespins or binder (alligator where I come from) clips or any other type of fastener and hang your kid’s creations on the string.

I love this type of display because I can easily add more art. This method improves on the time-tested trick of putting art on the refrigerator using magnets because three dimensional art works with this method, too.

Art projects shown on string
Two of my favorite 3D pieces of art: the water bottle penguin and spider hat.

We hung ours from a built in picture ledge which overhangs some lovely wood paneling. I would never put nails into the wood paneling, though I have been known to use poster putty. The string display works much better, and things hanging at odd angles don’t bother me at all. That only adds to the fun of the display. The amount of art I can hang is almost unlimited, too. I clear it out every three to six months or so just because, but you can layer things until you run out of clips.

Coloring pages, hat, and glueing projects displayed on wall
We have art from almost every major holiday displayed, from Valentine’s Day to Halloween and a Thanksgiving turkey hat.

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