Cold Teething Rings

Bright Starts chill teething ring four in orange and turquoise in various shapes

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Cool Down Sore Gums to Chill Out

Bright Starts chill teething ring four in orange and turquoise in various shapes

  • What: Bright Starts Teether Chill
  • When: Ages 3 months and up
  • Why: Soothe sore gums
  • Where: Amazon

Have an infant who’s teething and needs something cold? Tired of filling bottles with water and waiting for them to freeze? Maybe you need something quicker. If so, try one of these teething rings filled with liquid. You can toss them all in the refrigerator or freezer and grab one as needed, either at home when stumbling around in the middle of the night and taking the cap off the correct bottle proves too complex, or when you’re out and about and want something more compact to take with you.

Bright Starts Chill Teether 3 Pack on Amazon

Each shape comes with a slightly different texture, so you can try several to find the one that your child prefers. If they don’t work at room temperature, stick them in the refrigerator for extra cooling relief. If that still doesn’t help soothe sore gums, toss them in the freezer. Frozen ones get cold in little hands but still don’t stick, and the different shapes with lots of texture help even the youngest kids hold onto them.

Bright starts chill teether liquid filled ring for refrigerator and freezer with texture
You can see the different textures on one of our rings.

A frozen teether stayed cold in my bag for several hours, enough to get us through one outing or pick up. I kept them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer so I always had one ready to go. They rinse off super quick and can be tossed back in the fridge or freezer. They come in a pack of three, and cost next to nothing. You can get more life out of them by using them in lunch boxes to keep items cold. Their small size means they fit more easily than standard cold packs yet they still do the job.

Bright Starts four teething rings stored in ziploc bag
I stored my clean ones in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.

My third child started teething at four months, and I used these teethers multiple times a day to distract him from my breast as a teething device.

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