101 First Animals Book


Big Book for Your Little Zoo101 First Animals big board book from Make Believe Books

  • What: 101 First Animals book
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Supersize entertainment for animal lovers
  • Where: Amazon

Not to be confused with the awesomeness of First 100 Animals, 101 First Animals by Make Believe Ideas combines all the appeal of both books with a super size board book and a bonus surprise at the end.

More than ten inches square in size with its bright red color, this book will catch little kids’ eye whether tucked into a oversize bag or put away on a shelf.

Farm animal page spread from 101 First animals board book

Each page spread features animals from a different category.

After you finish reading all 101 animals with their colorful backgrounds and realistic photos, the back page folds out to reveal every animal featured in the book. The edge of the collection, which measures four times bigger than the book itself, has rhymes and look and find questions such as “Find a striped bee and a chimpanzee” and “Find a duck that quacks, and a bug that’s black” for even more entertainment.

Back page foldout of 101 first animals board book with red cover

The back page folds out to show all 101 animals from the book.

Another way to extend the fun is to look back in the pages of the book for each animal on the fold out for as long as you or your little one can stand it.

Back page of 101 first animals board book folded out

The folded out back page with all 101 animals shown.

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