Blue Tape Art Frames

Make Artwork PopChild's artwork displayed on wall surrounded by blue painters tape

  • What: Blue painter’s tape for framing kids’ art
  • When: As soon as they can create
  • Why: Affordable and easy to hang, change, and remove
  • Where: Amazon

Run out of hanging space on your refrigerator? Looking for an easy, affordable, and low impact framing solution for your kids’ masterpieces? Try framing artwork in blue painter’s tape. It leaves your walls intact, but placed all the way around any piece of artwork, makes any creation look great. Even better, it doesn’t require a single tool to use and the vibrant color gives artwork extra pizazz. Size doesn’t matter either, since you can simply size the tape to fit.

Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape on Amazon

I somehow never manage to go digging for tools like nails and hammers with kids around, and hate banging on the walls when they sleep because I value the quiet. The blue tape method makes very little noise.

Child's artwork shown without framing

One of my five year old’s many pieces of art

This kind of tape sticks to just about any surface, from plaster to wallpaper to wood paneling, yet it leaves no residue on the walls or the art when removed. It also comes off cleanly, meaning all your paint stays on the wall and none stays on the tape.

Child's art framed with blue painter's tape

The same piece of art from my five year old framed with blue painter’s tape

For the best result, line up the edges of the tape evenly, or fold the extra down over to make a straight edge. But even without the extra effort, it sets off the artwork nicely.

Three year old's painting framed and stuck to wall with blue painters tape

Even my three year old’s paintings look magnificent when hung with blue painter’s tape

I also like the ability to stick artwork up in almost any place, where a shelf or string display don’t make sense. I personally prefer the roughly one inch widths but it doesn’t make a huge difference what size tape you use. Whatever you have on hand should work just fine. You can also opt for green tape if you prefer a different color.

Green FrogTape Painter’s Tape on Amazon

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