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Preschooler wearing blue kids headphones on board airplane adjusting seatback screen entertainment

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9 Things to Pack to Entertain Kids

Preschooler wearing blue kids headphones on board airplane adjusting seatback screen entertainment
  • What: Best toys for travel
  • When: Toddlers to elementary age
  • Why: Simplify traveling with kids
  • Where: On any trip

Traveling can try anyone’s patience. Traveling gets more stressful when you add small people who don’t understand the social niceties that come with being confined with relatives and strangers for extended periods of time in tight spaces. To help ease the burden of packing, I’ve listed my favorite traveling companions (the non-breathing kind) in no particular order.

Blue translucent soap dish opened to show crayons stored inside

Crayon Dish: A few crayons can go a long way. Keep up with them in a dish that doubles as a container during coloring but keeps crayons safe from breaking during transit.

Spot It Jr animal and Frozen Elsa editions shown side by side in one closed and one open travel tin

Spot It Game: Even the youngest kids can play this simple yet fun matching game that comes in a compact tin for easy travel.

PBS Kids logo with child head and PBS in thought bubble with kids pointing up at it on blue background

PBS Kids: if you have access to electronic devices, this website can entertain kids with educational games and shows so fun they won’t want to turn it off.

In the air page showing airplanes and other flying vehicles from First 100 Vehicles books by Roger Priddy Bright Baby books

First 100 Books: If you talk about each of the 100 things in these books, you can pass a lot of time, Even if you fly through it several times, it packs a lot of bang for the size.

Water Wow under the sea themed water reveal pad and water pen by Melissa and Doug

Water Wows: Add just a bit of water and color with these magic appearing pictures that can be used over and over again.

Kidz Gear Wired headphones for toddlers and kids in blue shown folded up

Kids’ Headphones: These headphones can be worn comfortably for hours on end, yet they fold for more compact packing. Even the youngest kids can manage the cords and putting them on.

1001 Things to Spot on Vacation book by Usborne

1001 Things to Find: It takes a really long time to find all the stuff in these books, even if you only look for one item per page. You get tons of time and only have to carry one book.

Chewbeads brand necklace safe for babies to put in mouth in turquoise blue

Chewbeads: My older kids still love to wear “my” jewelry, and the squishy material means we can roll the bracelets or find other ways to play together with them.

Inside page partially covered with stickers and silhouettes in purple from Animal Sticker Activity book

Sticker Activity Books: Priddy books has the best sticker books for young kids, with bright colors and easy to match silhouettes. These books keep them so entertained they won’t even think to sticker the car or airplane.

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