Top Two Kid Travel Items

It’s Good to Be HomeDelta airplanes parked at airport apron gate terminal

  • What: Kids’ headphones and rolling suitcase bed
  • When: Traveling with kids
  • Why: Make trips easier on everyone
  • Where: On flights or long car rides

We got home from a three week holiday extravaganza that included three different destinations, and I leaned heavily on many of my favorite travel products. We did both medium (4-6 hour) flights and medium (8-10 hour) drives during our time away. That combination made for interesting packing, since I wanted the compact plane stuff but also the plentiful entertain yourself car stuff.

Preschooler child puling Jet Kids Bed Box down aisle of empty airplane

My youngest refused to let go of the Jet Kids Bed Box.

The kids, as usual, fought over the Jet Kids Bed Box , which I pulled out the night before our departure. My youngest literally refused to let go of it. I now use it to pack all my favorite things for entertainment on the go. Once we get onboard the plane, I take the bag of toys and books out, and stow it and the Bed Box under the kids’ seats.

My three year old used the bed part of the box on both flights. He even miraculously  took a nap on our departing flight, which worked wonders for everyone. On the way back he never fell asleep, but spent most of the flight at much less than upright thanks to the extra room provided by the Bed Box. All three kids took turns riding and pulling it through the various airports.

Child dressed in pink wearing pink kids headphones onboard airplane

We used their kid-sized adjustable headphones on both flights and in the car.

We also used their headphones extensively. The soft cushioning and cord plug-ins on either side made it super simple no matter the seating arrangements. Because they fold up for storage and weigh next to nothing, they work well for flights or car rides.

Those two things made our travels that much smoother with three kids, but we love being home, too.

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