Inflatable Travel Pillow

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Sleep on AirCocoon brand inflatable travel pillow air core packable

  • What: Cocoon Inflatable Travel Pillow
  • When: Away from home
  • Why: Compact, lightweight, multipurpose
  • Where: Amazon

Because I keep my inflatable pillow stored with the camping supplies (in a previous life, camping was our main form of travel), I neglected to pack it on our recent three week trip across the country. We lived without it and shed no tears, but I did miss my Cocoon Inflatable Travel Pillow.

Cocoon AirCore Ultralight Pillow on Amazon

It rolls up compactly, but works wonders when inflated. Because you blow it up, you can adjust it to any level of firmness, from almost rigid to very squishy, and fit almost any need. If you breastfeed, it works great as arm or baby support on board flights.

Cocoon ultralight inflatable travel camping pillow
My pillow inflates to just the right size for tight spaces

My Ultralight Travel Pillow packs up to about the size of my fist, and clocks in at around 3.7 ounces (105 g) in the large size. Of course, as a camping accessory, it’s meant for serious backpackers who chop off half their toothbrush to save a bit of weight. My husband owns the Hyperlight version of the same Cocoon brand, which nets him a total weight of 2.4 oz (68 g) and a smaller packing sack for the same size pillow.

Cocoon hyperlight and ultralight packable pillows side by side in sacks
Our two travel pillows shown side by side in their sacks

My 13 by 17 inch (33 x 43 cm) pillow has a cool silky smooth side and a warmer soft fleecy side to suit almost any kid. The silky side allows the pillow to slide around when it faces down, and the fleece sides prevents it from moving as much. The Ultralight version comes in a light blue or bright green shade with a gray reverse side.

The soft fleece side of a Cocoon inflatable travel pillow
The soft gray reverse side of my pillow

I tuck it into the Jet Kids Bed Box to complete the bed set. Since the Bed Box comes with a mattress, a pillow makes it into a super luxurious space that my youngest child requests as soon as we board the plane.

Valve on the inflatable Cocoon travel pillow
The air valve for inflating and deflating the travel pillow

Once you arrive, the inflatable pillow can supplement terrible hotel pillows or act as a backrest in rental cars. With the tiny packable size, there’s no reason to leave home without it, If only I can remember to pack it next time.

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