Your Seven Year Old Book

Quick Reads For Each AgeYour Seven Year Old book by Louise Bates Ames ages and stages advice resource parenting

  • What: Your Seven Year Old book
  • When: One year and up
  • Why: Learn what to expect at each age
  • Where: Amazon

I had forgotten about this series of books by Louise Bates Ames for several years until a friend reminded me when I complained about my seven year old’s antics. The slim volumes may not be the most recent publications, but much like Your Child At Play, they offer age-based insights from educated sources.

I like skimming the various chapters divided into headings such as characteristics of this age, routines, and discipline. Each book in the series, which runs from ages one to nine before the comprehensive ten to fourteen year old volume, offers parents a peek into the ups and downs all kids experience at certain points in their development.

Table of contents from Your Seven Year Old by Louise Bates Ames parenting resource book

The table of contents from Your Seven Year Old

It also offers helpful hints, but in a format that makes for a quick read for anyone who doesn’t have time to dig into a tome or trust the results of a random internet search. An index of other resources for both parents and kids, as well as stories from real life, round out the quick read. I can always relate to the examples included, whether it’s happened to me or because I’m grateful for the small things I have escaped.

Open page spread from Your Seven Year Old parenting advice book

Frequent illustrations and organized chapters make these slim books a quick read.

Even if none of the info gets you out a bind, you can rest easy knowing your child’s behavior has less to do with your parenting and more to do with their age.

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