Toy Brick Tape

Stick to CreativityLego minifiugure riding Lego plastic brick block horse on pink Mayka tape going up ladder

  • What: Mayka Toy Brick Tape
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, reusable, creative
  • Where: Amazon

We lucked into this new tape for plastic blocks and interlocking bricks (i.e. Lego) and bought three different spools, one for each kid. It has proved immensely popular, if just for the novelty, so far. Because you can stick it to almost any surface (it does warn that it can peel paint when removed, though I haven’t tested that yet), it means kids can build creations at new and interesting angles and places.

Feel like a minifigure needs to hover upside down? No problem. Attach a piece underneath a shelf and stick the feet to the tape to get that hovering look. Want to increase your building space? The tape will not only go on walls and furniture, but appliances too, or anywhere else your offspring want additional Legos.

Lego minifigs stuck sideways and hanging upside down from Mayka toy brick block tape in blue underneath bunk bed

Two Lego minifigs attached to to Mayka toy block tape so they hang upside down and sideways

Each pack has six and a half feet (2 meters) of one inch wide silicone tape. That makes it softer than normal plastic bricks and means it bends as well. Little builders can go around corners or over obstacles to provide limitless creative options. The Mayka brand we have comes in nine colors: black, blue, red, pink, green, gray, light blue, light green, and sand, to match most color schemes.

Mayka toy block tape attached along green ladder to pink bunk bed

Six and half feet is just long enough to go the entire length of my kids’ ladders to their loft beds

You can also get a similar product from different brands, though I have zero personal experience with those. You can cut the tape to any length desired. It isn’t designed to stick more than once, but with six feet to play with, that doesn’t impose many limits. Heavier creations will not stay on the two peg width of the tape when hung upside down or at angles, and of course Lego creations don’t bend around corners even if the tape will.

Lego creation attached to pink Mayka toy block tape stuck to green ladder

The toy block tape can hold a surprising amount of bricks at a steep angle

Legos can be difficult to attach to the soft silicon tape unless the tape adheres to a hard surface. Since I wouldn’t want tape on my upholstery anyway, that doesn’t bother me. But it could frustrate younger users. The same tape also comes in a four peg width of Lego if you want or need wider surfaces for heavier creations.

For me, any Legos that end up on tape and not on the floor as an injury hazard constitutes a win.

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