Janod Magnetic Airplane

Janod airplane magnetic pieces blue red propeller

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Stick Together for Flying Fun

Janod airplane magnetic pieces blue red propeller
  • What: Janod Magnetic Airplane
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Easy to assemble and keep up with pieces
  • Where: Amazon

My son loves the Janod Magnetic Airplane because he can put it together and take it apart over and over again. I love it because it doesn’t require any extra tools or pieces to assemble, and the large pieces can be easily located, even in a bin of stuff.

Janod Airplane Magnet Kit on Amazon

The light blue airplane with red accents comes with six pieces: the body of the airplane, the nose, the tail, wheels, and two wings. You attach the pieces with magnets tucked inside each wooden piece. The pieces attract each other and snap into place. Once assembled, kids can play with the airplane, including simulating crashes. When the plane hits the floor (and often before), the pieces come apart, and the fun starts all over again.

Janod magnetic airplane pieces apart disassembled wings propeller tail wheels body pilot
The six pieces of the Janod airplane magnet kit.

Like Janod’s magnetic robots, the pieces hold up well to repeated abuse (I mean crashes). Our few scuffs have come from storing the pieces in a bin with lots of other blocks and miscellaneous items, rather than from play.

Janod magnetic airplane assembled with one red and white checkered wing detached
The pieces click together in any position they fit, such as this plane with the tail and propeller reversed.

The pieces connect simply enough for toddlers to assemble, but my older kids also like putting it together and taking it apart. If your child prefers different types of vehicles, Janod offers the same magnetic assembly in both a submarine, a UFO, and a rocket ship.

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