Amscan Travel Coloring Kits

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Compact Case Packs Big Entertainment

Amscan coloring activity kit case with markers sticker and coloring sheets

  • What: Amscan Sticker Activity Kits
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, compact, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

My mother, in her infinite wisdom, gifted each of my kids one of these compact coloring cases for the holidays – right before we took the kids to my in-laws on an eight hour drive. We used them extensively just on that trip alone, and now I keep all three in my box of travel toys.

Mickey Mouse Sticker Activity Kit on Amazon

Each case contains four tiny markers in yellow, red, green, and blue. The facing side of the case has slots to hold the markers in place. It comes with several sheets of sticker and twenty coloring pages that can be removed and reordered over and over again thanks to two small pegs that hook the pages at the top.

Amscan activity kit in Farm Fun with four tiny markers stickers and coloring sheets
Each case contains four small markers, sticker sheets, and coloring pages aplenty.

Two of my three kids used them, even before we purchased the godsend that was our new backseat organizers. The coloring entertained them for more than an hour on the first drive, and way more than that on the return trip thanks to the available tray surface. Even without a tray, the case provides a hard surface for coloring, and a space to keep the stickers and markers handy.

Suns rainbows unicorns amscan coloring activity sticker kit in pink carrying case with small markers
My daughter loved coloring her pages in this compact kit.

Each case has a handle, and fits easily into most bags. I managed to put all three in with our other entertainment options and didn’t notice the difference in size despite riding with stuff at my feet for the duration of the road trip. The distinct shape made them easy to find even in the dark, and because everything closes inside, I could toss them at my kids without worrying about losing any pieces.

Amscan Trucks Planes and Trains coloring sticker activity kit with markers and pages to color
My seven year old son colored happily as well during our road trip.

In addition to the generic interests -Farm Fun, Suns, Rainbows, and Unicorns, and Trucks, Planes and Trains – we received, these sets come in just about any commercial character your kid can obsess over: Batman, Cars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Farm, Planes and Trains, Mario Brothers, Sesame Street, Star Wars, Marvel Avengers, Thomas the Train, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Jack and the Pirates, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins,  Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and many more, but I got tired of looking at all the options.

Amscan Coloring Kit 1
Our three sets lasted my three kids through an entire road trip there and back with some sheets left over for the next adventure.

Assuming none of the markers disappear into the cracks between seats (we lost one of twele on the return trip and I never did find it), these activity books keep kids entertained much longer than the compact size might suggest. I brought all three kits home with some pages still uncolored and immediately hid them in my stash of Busy Box stuff for our next adventure.

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