Underwear for Tots

Old Navy boxer brief underwear for toddler boys white with super hero rhino

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Get Your Kids to Dress Themselves

Old Navy boxer brief underwear for toddler boys white with super hero rhino

  • What: Underwear with images only on the front
  • When: After potty training
  • Why: Easier to tell the front from the back
  • Where: Amazon

If you have a potty trained child that likes to dress themselves (my seven year old still prefers for someone else to dress him, and serve him, and basically wait on him hand and foot), consider this hint when buying underwear. Kids like to see the decoration on their undies. If you buy underwear with an image on the back, they like to wear it backwards so they can see the design.

Carter’s Little Girls 7 Pack Panties

I can’t argue with their logic. What’s the point in putting decoration on in a place you can’t enjoy it for yourself? My daughter has worn more pairs of underwear backwards than I care to count. She likes the designs, and although it seems uncomfortable to me, she clearly prefers fashion to comfort, even when she’s the only one who sees it.

If you go for an all over print, you can run into the same issue, though then it tends to be unintentional. So if you care which way they wear their underpants, pick a pair with a design on the front to help them and yourself.

Old navy navy blue underpants for toddlers with bug and day of the week design on back
These, in theory, look cute on little bums. But in actuality, my kids put the pictures in the front where they can see them.

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