Top Five Books for Infants

Best Book Bets for BabiesBest board books for babies finger puppet book usborne touch feel alpha prints bright baby

  • What: Best books for infants
  • When: From zero to one
  • Why: Spark an early love of reading
  • Where: Amazon

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite books for the littlest hands:

Bunnies from Alpha prints touch and feel board book


Alphaprints: Babies love the textures on these fingerprint-inspired books, and parents can get a kick out of the original illustrations based on fruits and veggies.

Bright Baby farm board book pig and piglet page on white and bright pink background

Bright Baby: Each page features one image on a brightly colored background. The colors and clarity will catch a baby’s eye, and the quick read helps tired parents get kids into bed faster.

Hedgehog with fuzzy tummy texture sniffing mushroom in Usborne That's Not My Hedgehog book

Usborne Touch and Feel: This series of books has topics for just about every interest, with cute illustrations and fun textures for babies to explore. Parents will love the affordable price and durability.

Little Spider finger puppet board book open to blue page spread with hole for puppet

Finger puppet books: Babies love these finger puppet books with the wiggly animation provided by parents. The super chunky format makes them easy for little hands and the puppet gives readers of any age an additional way to interact and make reading fun for little ones.

Indesctructibles book for babies Things That Go title

Indestructibles: Made from the same material as FedEx envelopes, parents love that these books can be chewed, pulled, and folded without harm. Babies like the freedom to explore and the open ended illustrations as well as the selections that feature sounds such as splash and quack.

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