Day of the Week Undies

Bug toddlers underwear with days of the week from Old Nacy

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Visual Cues Mean Less to Remember

Bug toddlers underwear with days of the week from Old Nacy
  • What: Tots underwear labeled with days of the week
  • When: Potty trained
  • Why: Fun, educational, keep track of clean underwear
  • Where: Amazon

If you have multiple children who dress themselves, and particularly kids who prefer to wear the same underwear day after day, save your brain some effort and invest in a set or two of day of the week underwear.

Carter’s Girls’ 7 Pack Days Underwear on Amazon

We started with day of the week underwear because I couldn’t find any other toddler-sized underpants not covered in commercial kids’ characters. My kid didn’t give a hoot about any particular character, and at three and a half when he potty trained, I wanted him to love his undies. So I happened upon a set of monster underwear out shopping. I ended up going back for three more sets before he outgrew that size because he loved it so much, and now both his siblings like day of the week underwear, too.

Old Navy week days bug themed underwear for kids
I bought multiple packs of this bug-themed underwear labeled with the day of the week.

If you use kids’ day of the week underwear, you can tell how many days they’ve been wearing the same pair. Assuming they wear the correct day of the week, one glimpse at their bum to will tell you if it’s been one day, two, or even worse.

As an added bonus, this type of underwear often has the day of the week and any image printed on the front, to avoid any confusion about which way to put it on. With a recently potty trained three year old, a toddler, and another baby on the way, I had enough trouble keeping the kids and myself fed and clean, so it took me a while to notice my eldest liked to wear the same pair of underwear until it could stand up on its own.

Close up of day of the week underwear from Old Navy for kids
My kids learned what letter each day started with so they could pick out their underwear to match the day.

He has caught on to my tricks now and wears his day of the week underwear on non-coordinating days in an effort to avoid having to change it daily. But for those three or four years in between, when I could barely remember my kids’ names much less if they had clean underwear on, it helped immensely.

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