My Very Own Name Book

My Very Own Name personalized picture book with animal alphabet from I See Me

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Personalized Animal Alphabet Book

My Very Own Name personalized picture book with animal alphabet from I See Me
  • What: My Very Own Name personalized book
  • When: Birth and beyond
  • Why: Cute, educational, wonderful keepsake
  • Where: Amazon

I can not get enough of these adorable personalized books. We got our first set from a good friend when our second child arrived, which is how I learned about them. We liked My Very Own Name so much we got one for both our other kids, so each child would have a personalized version.

My Very Own Name Personalized Book on Amazon

My Very Own Name has your child’s birth date and name at the beginning. It then tells a story about animals selecting the perfect name. Each subsequent page has a letter from your child’s name held by an animal that starts with the same letter, and a cute two line rhyme about why they want to use that particular letter. So a child named Rob, for instance, might have a rabbit, an ostrich, and a beaver. Each letter has several options for the animal, so even though our three kids share the same last name, the animals in their three books don’t necessarily match.

Page with the letter B and beaver from My Very Own Name picture book by I See Me
Each page adds a letter to the name with a corresponding animal.

You can order these books with only a first name, first and last, full name, or any subset you’d like. You enter the personalized information at the time of purchase. The length of the book (and the price) depends on how many letters in the name. You can also enter a personal message on the title page, as well as a photo if you’d like that option.

Beginning of My Very Own Name personalized book
Each book begins the same way, with animals selecting a name.

At the end of the book, after the name has been finished, it lists all the animals for each letter, with a bit about each one for even more reading fun. (I usually cheat and read only the name of the animal unless I really need to use up more time.)

Animal encyclopedia at the end of My Very Own name alphabet animal personalized picture book
The end of the book lists possible animals for every letter, in case your child doesn’t have a name containing all 26 letters of the alphabet.

I use these books as one of my go-to gifts for new babies and it gets a wonderful reception from parents every single time. They aren’t good for people who need to save space, though, because there’s no way I’m ever parting with these sweet picture books.

All three of my kids love to read their books as well as their siblings’. We’ve been reading them almost six years now and their interest level remains high. They work great for kids learning to spell their names, or learning their full names and birthdays, too.

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