Nancy’s Yogurt

Nancy's yogurt in organic whole milk, low fat and regular plain in 32 ounce container

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Best Yogurt for Beginning Solids

Nancy's yogurt in organic whole milk, low fat and regular plain in 32 ounce container

  • What: Nancy’s Whole Milk Yogurt
  • When: Five months and up
  • Why: Packed with protein, lots of options
  • Where: Your local grocery store

I swear by Nancy’s yogurt for young kids. Some people like to make their own yogurt, but despite my enthusiasm for homemade baby food, I have never tried my hand at yogurt. Why would I, when I can buy organic whole milk yogurt in both small and large quantities and my infants (and older kids) love it?

Nancy's lowfat yogurt in 64 ounce bucket containers
Nancy’s Yogurt comes in both organic and regular varieties, with whole milk and low fat options, as well as plain and flavored, in multiple sizes to fit any need.

I first became aware of Nancy’s in 2003, and I’ve used it and recommended it to parents ever since. You can easily flavor it with homemade cubes of fruit, or even just mash a banana into it for a more complex meal for older babies. Infants just starting on solid foods love the taste and texture, and I love the protein without all the extra sugar and color. I also like to eat it myself, if I can justify taking food away from babies. It taste super good with granola and fruit in a parfait. I’ve stuck to the organic whole milk plain for babies.

I love that it comes in small, medium, and giant containers with lids. The smallest, at six ounces, is just right for using over a couple feedings for babies. You can scoop out however much you need, and reseal the rest. Once they get older, you can start buying bigger buckets. I can’t remember the last time I bought a small size. They come in 16, 32, and even 64 ounce containers as well. As a bonus, the empty containers work great for leftovers, holding baby food cubes, paint for craft projects, or even organizing tiny toys and sealing them to keep them away from infants with older siblings.

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