Collect and Connect Tiny Trucks

Driven pocket series green tiny dump truck on gray connecting road pieces

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Driven Pocket Series Vehicles

Driven pocket series green tiny dump truck on gray connecting road pieces

  • What: Driven Pocket Series Trucks
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Tiny, portable, extremely affordable
  • Where: Target

We recently discovered these tiny trucks from the Driven Pocket Series and both my sons and my husband can’t get over them. I freely admit I see the appeal myself, and enjoy playing with them under the guise of playing with my preschooler.

Driven pocket series dump truck blue yellow on interconnecting gray road pieces set up
Driven Pocket Series at Target

We bought a couple “garages” on a whim, and didn’t realize what we had until we opened them at home. We’ve been back several times since to add to our collection, since these trucks make great, affordable gifts for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, new siblings, and just about any gift giving occasion in between. They also work well as motivation rewards to encourage positive behavior and potty training, and I wish I’d known they existed when we went through those stages.

Seven year old playing with tiny trucks and road set up in driven pocket series
My seven year old enjoying the Driven Pocket Series tiny trucks and roads.

They measure only about two inches (5 cm) long by about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm but who’s counting?) high. Each one includes not only the tiny vehicle, but also a parking garage with an opening door and three pieces of interconnecting road. The garages can also be attached to each other side by side, and my son loves to hook them together.

Similar to blind bags, you don’t get to choose which vehicle you get. If you’re like us, you’ll end up with two or three identical trucks and you won’t have the entire collection of roughly 20 varieties. Some trucks differ only in color, so it doesn’t make much of a difference to my vehicle-obsessed child. But if you want all of them, you will end up buying two or three times as many, if not more, to try and get the last few.

Preschooler playing with tiny trucks and road pieces on table
My three year old adores these tiny trucks and their accessories.

Despite their small stature, these vehicles have fully functioning parts. So the wheels turn, the dump truck dumps, and the log truck has teeny tiny logs that dump out of the back. They don’t have doors, which is probably for the best since neither my fingers nor my child’s smaller ones have the dexterity to operate things on that scale.

All boxes include three road pieces. Some boxes include intersections, so you can build beyond the loops offered by the basic curve and straight pieces. The three and four way intersections break down into two pieces, and connect up with other pieces. Sometimes I find the road pieces don’t stay connected that well, but often I flip them over to fix that problem. And at the price point, I can hardly complain.

Driven pocket series road layout
One of many possible combinations

My three year old loves them, but due to the tiny size, the manufacturer recommends ages four years and up. You know your kid. If they like to put things in their mouth, maybe this toy isn’t the best choice for them. If they obsess over miniatures, you’ve got a surefire winner.

Best of all, you can buy a bunch and they take up next to no space to store. They work great for novel new toys on long car rides or airplane trips, though their small size also means they can easily be lost. Luckily, it doesn’t cost much to replace them, and the joy they bring far eclipses their size.

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