Medicine Cabinet Lock

Keys in lock of medicine cabinet safe lockable prescription box

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Keep Kids and Medicines Safe

Keys in lock of medicine cabinet safe lockable prescription box
  • What: Locking medicine box
  • When: Six months and up
  • Why: Keep kids safe from overdoses
  • Where: Amazon

I’m one of those people – the ones who always use the safety strap provided on the changing table, and in the high chair, and install safety outlet covers before my first child arrives. So I fretted long and hard about the medication in our house getting accidentally consumed by kids, until I discovered the lockable medicine cabinet.

Helix Prescription Drug Cabinet on Amazon

When my first child came along, we had only one bathroom, and I debated about where to store our over-the-counter medicine. It turns out, after you have kids, you come home with what feels like an entire pharmacy of prescriptions. Luckily for me, I used almost all of those up well before my infant even though about rolling over, much less walking. But as any parent knows, having pain relief on hand can make a difference in your day. So instead of fretting, I invested in a lock box.

Prescription medicine cabinet lock inside medicine cabinet chest box with over the counter treatments
Our locking box inside the medicine cabinet.

It fit inside my vintage (and I don’t mean that in a nice way) medicine cabinet with ease. It holds lots of bottles of infant medicines, and a couple of the bigger kid-sized bottles. If you need a place to store prescription vials, it will hold plenty – maybe as many as twelve of fifteen, I’ve never tried a lot at once. Instead, I’ve kept only what I needed handy (ibuprofen, acetaminophen) in smaller containers that fit easily and don’t have too many pills in them even in the worst case. I refill my smaller boxes from larger bottles stored elsewhere. I also kept the brightly colored candy flavored kids medicine in there. Once my kids took some, they would concoct almost any excuse to take some more, so I wanted that stuff under lock and key.

Contents of locking medicine box
Inside our locking medicine box, where children’s medicines sometimes only fit sideways but not standing up.

Speaking of keys, the cabinet comes with two keys. I’ve never separated mine, though I probably should. Instead, I stuck both on top of the windowsill nearby, which is a place I can reach by stretching on my tiptoes but that I don’t require any sort of step stool to access.

Windowsill with small key peeking over the edge
I keep our keys on top of the windowsill. You can see them barely peeking out here.

For everything else, I’m a firm believer in Tot Loks and their magic magnets. But for my medicine cabinet (which would be difficult to install a Tot Lok not only because it already uses magnetic closures but also because of the mirrored glass on one side), I wanted the extra layer of security that for me, comes with a key.

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