Baby Deglingos Animals

Deglingos baby blanket flat infant cuddle toys stuffed animals

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Cuddly Corduroy Creatures

Deglingos baby blanket flat infant cuddle toys stuffed animals

  • What: Deglingos Baby Blankie
  • When: Birth until they no longer love it
  • Why: Packable, textured, washable
  • Where: Amazon

I gave one of these soft textured animals to our firstborn as soon as the rules allowed objects in the crib. He latched onto to it the first day, and hasn’t let go since. At over seven years old, he still sleeps with it every night. While our other two kids haven’t attached quite as tightly to their versions, I still love these creatures.

Deglingos Baby Rototos the Panda on Amazon

They offer a wide range of animals from the Deglingos plush collection in a smaller, flatter (more affordable) form. These flat critters fit easily into diaper bags and suitcases so they can travel everywhere. They also stand the test of time. We have two of the same one, and despite multiple washings and who knows what other abuse night after night, they remain mostly in one piece, if not quite the same color. We’ve had to do a couple nose jobs on the hedgehog, but that’s only because it got chewed routinely for comfort.

Deglingos baby blankie flat BigBos wolf plush animal
I loved BigBos the wolf so much I bought the bigger version when I saw it on sale.

We’ve gone countless hunts at (or past) bedtime because someone couldn’t sleep without this favorite stuffed animal. Despite less stuffing, which makes it safer for younger infants, my kids love the floppy bodies and soft features. The heads have some fluff to them, but the bodies consist mostly of cloth with a ribbed corduroy texture. About the size of a washcloth, they make great cuddly toys starting at birth. The soft textures and bright mixed patterns attract infants, but older kids love them, too.

Pikos the hedgehog baby blankie flat cuddle animal
Pikos the hedgehog looks a little worse for the wear after seven years, but other than his nose job, he’s held up remarkably well given nightly use as a chew toy.

The price point definitely makes it a splurge for me, but they hold up really well. We’ve had ours for years and years, so much so that we now own three or four of the same ones (and have never touched two, because they look and smell different enough to be noticeable). The animals available change over time, so if you see one and fall in love, grab it before it’s gone.

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