Big Sibling Books

Great Gifts for Big SiblingsSuper Incredible Big Sister and Brother books stacked one on top of the other

  • What: Super Incredible Big Brother and Sister books
  • When: Expecting a new addition to the family
  • Why: Ease the transition when adding another child
  • Where: Amazon

I adore our My Very Own Name books from I See Me. But I never would’ve known about them unless we’d been expecting our second child. Friends sent us two books from the personalized book company. In addition to My Very Own Name, we also received a copy of the Super Incredible Big Brother book.

We loved it so much we bought the Super Incredible Big Sister book for our daughter when our third child came along. No matter how many kids you have, you can always get another copy of this book personalized with each big sibling’s name. That means they make great gifts, but it also means my kids love to read these books with their own names in them over and over again.

The sibling books also include the name of the new addition. If you know your next family member’s name in advance, you can order before the big arrival and start reading together. But even if you don’t get your books until weeks after your new addition debuts (like us), they work great for spending a little extra time with the big brother or sister during a huge time of transition.

Pages inside super incredible big sister brother book personalized

Cute cartoon figures illustrate each page.

Each page has your child’s name included in nice big letters. The book also comes with a big brother or sister award – a medallion on a ribbon. My kids no longer play with their awards but still love their books very much, as do I.

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