Bean Bag Chairs

Green bean bag chair in middle of floor with toys

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Collapse Into Comfort

Green bean bag chair in middle of floor with toys
  • What: Bean Bag Chairs
  • When: One year and up
  • Why: Comfortable, portable, cozy
  • Where: Amazon

I bought a bean bag for my eldest son when I repurposed my closet as his special play area, what we call a nook. To make it extra cozy, I added a pillow and a bean bag for curling up and getting cozy.

Posh 27 Inch Bean Bag

While he kept the pillow, he ejected the bean bag reliably every day, until I stuck it in storage downstairs for occasional use. I recently scored a second bean bag for free when I couldn’t resist the lure of free stuff. Its popularity skyrocketed, so I’ve put the original bean bag back into action as well, and all three of my kids go nuts for them.

Kid sitting on purple floral bean bag chair with another kid sitting on orange pillow in front
Bean bags works so much better than plain pillows for relaxing.

I love the animal storage poof, but has less give and a lot more bumps than a regular bean bag. The animal storage poof works great for sitting on, but not so much for sinking into and sitting in, complete with back support. I can shove these beanbags in a corner when not in use (though my kids would sleep with them if I’d let them. They have loft beds and I don’t want them rolling out so that doesn’t work in our household.) and get them out of the way. So even though they take up a lot of floor space, it makes our small square footage do double duty for things like movie night when we all want prime seating on the couch, or when friends come over and we gather multiple people around the coffee table for games.

Chihuahua dog sleeping on bean bag chair surrounded by toys
Obviously my kids aren’t the only ones who love their bean bags.

Of course they also work great for reading and hanging out now that my kids enjoy them. My youngest loves his at age three, even though at that age, my eldest kicked his to the curb. All three of my kids want to occupy the bean bag now, so they appeal to a wide age range, even if my eldest son didn’t lead this trend in our household.

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