Crocodile Creek Puzzles

Crocodile Creek ten piece digger puzzle for kids with one piece left to assemble

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Fitting Pieces Together

Crocodile Creek ten piece digger puzzle for kids with one piece left to assemble

  • What: Crocodile Creek Shaped Puzzles
  • When: Ages 2 and up
  • Why: Durable, affordable, appealing to kids
  • Where: Amazon

If you need a puzzle for your little one, look no further than the Crocodile Creek range of puzzles. Each puzzle comes in small or large versions in a variety of themes.

Crocodile Creek School Days 12 Piece Puzzle on Amazon

The included box keeps pieces together and has extra visual appeal. It makes it much easier to stack puzzles for storage, instead of risking the puzzle pieces falling out anytime you take a puzzle from the stack. The box holds up well to the weight of other puzzles around it, and can be removed without having to take all the ones on top of it off.

Crocodile Creek digger ten piece puzzle assembled and shown with both sides of included storage box
The cute box holds all the pieces with lots of extra room, and is sturdy enough to support more puzzles on top of it.

The smallest size has around 12 pieces to fit together. Themes include a train, tractor, digger, helicopter, rocket, fairy, elephant, fire truck, and lion. They work great for kids just learning to assemble pieces. Little hands can handle each piece easily, but the large pieces don’t fit into little mouths. Once your child graduates from the 12 piece puzzle, they offer similar expanded themes in 24, 36, and 72 piece sizes. I love the irregular shaped edges that provide extra spatial recognition practice.

Locomotive train twelve piece puzzle from Crocodile Creek with one piece left unassembled
That last piece has some color missing after being dragged over the floors by the Roomba robotic vacuum but all our other pieces still look brand new.

All the puzzle pieces hold up well to repeated use and abuse from kids and whatever else (the floor vacuum, the dog, etc.). The picture has yet to peel from any of our pieces despite several years of regular use. The shaped box holds the puzzle pieces easily, with no struggle to fit all of them back in the box. My kids have been known to stash other treasures in the shaped boxes as well.

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