More Boynton Board Books

Even More Books to LoveBoynton board books Barnyard dance on top of hey wake up and more

  • What: Boynton Board Books
  • When: Birth to three years
  • Why: Affordable, durable, appealing to wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

If you can’t get enough of the classic Boynton books, or you’ve gotten sick of reading Blue Hat, Green Hat after the six hundred and forty fifth time (in one week no less), expand your library with some of these newer Boynton titles.

Like the originals, you can buy these titles alone or in sets, featuring the same adorable cartoon animals that make the original series so popular with kids and parents alike. Can’t decide which ones your kid might love? Check them out at the library first before committing.

Hey Wake Up board book by Sandra Boynton

You can see some love around the edges of our copy, but otherwise this book has held up very well.

We still love Hey Wake Up and Barnyard Dance in our house, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the choices. For some of the books, like Perfect Piggies, you can download a song to accompany it, bringing these books into the modern age of multimedia for the youngest set. Other titles include Snuggle Puppy, Birthday Monsters, Pajama Time, One Two Three, Belly Button Book, Tickle Time, Fifteen Animals, Bunny Rabbit Show, Personal Penguin, Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs.

Inside page spread from Perfect Piggies board book by Sandra Boynton

Each book features cartoon animal illustrations and rhymes.

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