Hatley Fleece Jackets

Hatley Fuzzy Fleece jackets in a stack in red blue and pink

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Fuzzy Favorite Fleece

Hatley Fuzzy Fleece jackets in a stack in red blue and pink

  • What: Hatley Fuzzy Fleece Jackets
  • When: Sizes 2T to 8
  • Why: Crazy soft, extremely durable, stain resistant
  • Where: Hatley stores or Amazon

I stumbled upon a Hatley fuzzy fleece jacket for the first time last March on a clearance rack at the back of the store. The super soft cozy material drew me in, and the only one they had left was one size bigger than my son was wearing. I bought it and gave it to him.

Hatley Boys Fuzzy Fleece Jacket on Amazon

He hasn’t really taken it off since. He wears it three to four times a week minimum every week, including more frequently than is probably wise during the summer. He loves it, I love it, and it still looks and feels extremely lush after all that love.

Child wearing Hatley fuzzy fleece jacket in red with ski snow print
My son wears his as a jacket.

The fleece thick and heavy can substitute for a coat in fall, spring, or mild winters. It works great under a waterproof layer like a rain jacket to add extra warmth. My son basically uses his as a wearable lovie.

Brand new Hatley fleece next to year old fleece worn multiple times per week
The blue fleece is brand new, while my son has worn the red one on the right multiple times a week.

Hatley has adorable patterns in a variety of colors that change every season. They start at size 2 and go until size 8, though I’ve found the fleece to run a bit large. We rolled the sleeves up for my son last year when he wore his size 3T at age two, but it still fits perfectly now even though he needs a size 4T in most brands. The jackets can be machine washed and tossed in the dryer and come out looking brand new no matter how rough they looked before washing.

Girls hot pink with flying horses Pegasus fuzzy fleece jacket from Hatley
My son loved his so much, this time I got one for my daughter as well. Who can resist the adorable prints and soft fabric?

I still love Patagonia fleece, but for the price point and bright colors and patterns, I love Hatley more. I buy every time I’m in a store, which only happens about once a year or so. But I recently learned you can also get them on Amazon in patterns from multiple seasons and often at a significant savings. It’s one of the few kid things I’m willing to pay full retail price for, though, and I have no trouble parting with the money for a such a well made beloved item. In fact, this time I bought one for my son and my daughter. I would’ve bought for my eldest child, too, but he refuses to wear anything but fleece pants and long-sleeved shirts year round. He would take one to sleep with if I’d spring for that, though. I only wish they made them in adult sizes because I’d probably buy more than one of the irresistible patterns for myself. They’re that cozy.

Hatley fuzzy fleece in sizes 3, 4, and 6
Hatley fleece in sizes 3, 4, and 6 stacked on top of each other to show size difference.

Each size extends roughly one hemmed length longer than the size below it. If you buy a size bigger than you need, you can easily use it for two seasons, and possibly three depending on how fast your child grows – if you can convince them to take it off. I’m still working on that.

Toddler sleeping in Hatley fuzzy fleece jacket
My son refuses to take his off. He even sleeps in it.

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