Car Seat Travel Bag

J L Childress car seat child travel bag on wheels

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Save Your Back and Your Seat

J L Childress car seat child travel bag on wheels

  • What: J L Childress Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag
  • When: Traveling with car seats
  • Why: Put car seats on wheels
  • Where: Amazon

If you can drive to visit all your relatives, you can skip this post. For all the rest of us that fly more than we’d like to count, keep reading.

J L Childress Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag on Amazon

I adore my Britax convertible car seats – except when we have to travel by air. They weigh a ton and are extremely unwieldy, especially if you fly with an infant who already takes up both hands. Enter the car seat travel bag.

Car seat travel bag on wheels loaded with Britax marathon convertible car seat
It holds our Britax convertible car seats.

Not only does it provide protection for your car seat if you check it, but if you have to lug it through the airport, it puts the weight on the wheels instead of your back. (Unless you get the backpack kind, which I’ve never tried.) With the addition of Velcro, you can hook it to a rolling suitcase and drag both items with one hand while pushing a stroller or holding an infant with the other.

Handle on the car seat travel bag wheelie
We use the attached handle on top to drag it everywhere, and have never once used the shoulder strap. (You can see the black attachment point on the side.)

As an added bonus, all airlines we’ve used allow you to check a car seat for free. I’ve never had any gate agent or anyone else check inside my car seat bag. It looks like a car seat, it weighs as much as a car seat, it must be a car seat. But in a pinch, like when you bought too many disposable diapers on your trip and can’t bring yourself to toss money in the garbage, or when your friend gifts you with several bags of hand me downs, you can toss all that into the car seat bag for extra luggage space without extra lugging. The double zippers, one from each side, help stuff it to the brim. 

Close up of zipper on car seat travel bag
You can see the broken zipper pull on our bag.

We’ve had our generic car seat bag for years and it has traveled with us almost as much as the kids. (We occasionally go places where people already have car seats for us.) It can sometimes be a pain to get the car seat in just right, especially if I’ve forgotten to put the seat in the upright position or lower the adjustable head support. Both the zipper tabs have broken off and the material has several holes which we’ve patched with duct tape. But overall, given the cost of the  bag, I couldn’t be happier with how it served its purpose. It fits any car or booster seat we’ve tried (though sadly it can’t hold two), and comes with a shoulder strap we’ve never even attempted to use. It also sports a handle on the top which we’ve used to drag it across the country and internationally. We’ve hauled the plastic wheels over countless rough surfaces and an unknown distance, and as long as your husband doesn’t use the bag as his own seat, they still work just fine.

Tape on back of car seat travel bag repair
We’ve used tape to patch up any weak spots or torn material.

It compacts down to a flat square with wheels and front support when not loaded with a car seat or other belongings, making it easy to store with suitcases or underneath the bed in between travels. If you need a cost-effective means of adding wheels and protection to your car seat while traveling by air, invest in one of these collapsible bags.

Close up of wheels on car seat travel bag
The wheels have seen a lot of miles and loads and still work well.

3 responses to “Car Seat Travel Bag”

  1. This looks like it could be a game changer! We bought a canvas bag for our car seat that has a backpack feature, but now I’m running out to buy this. The fact that it can attach on to a regular piece of luggage sold me. We’re taking our little to England in a few months and I’m kind of overwhelmed at all the things we’ll need to bring. Having one less thing to carry would make me so happy!


    1. I love our car seat bag. I’ve traveled with my kids without anyone else and being able to connect the car seat bag to the roller board suitcase and pull both with one hand makes a huge difference to me. I also don’t wear out as quickly pulling things, especially when I was wearing my littles in baby carriers. The car seat bag doesn’t come with a way to hook the two together, but I used Velcro or a luggage strap through the handles and it works great.


      1. Thank you, this is great advice! I’ve not yet been brave enough to travel with my kiddo by myself – maybe one day 🙂


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