Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?

Where are baby's easter eggs board book cover by Karen Katz

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Flip and Find on This Easter Egg Hunt

Where are baby's easter eggs board book cover by Karen Katz

  • What: Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs? board book
  • When: 3-12 months
  • Why: Cute, colorful, interactive
  • Where: Amazon

Where are baby’s Easter eggs? If you celebrate Easter, or even if you just like to give your child gifts regardless of the occasion or expose them to different ideas and customs, take a look at this adorable Easter board book. If you want to supplement traditional Easter eggs, especially for infants, this book makes a wonderful addition to any basket.

Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs? board book on Amazon

But even if you don’t want to do eggs, consider this great Easter-themed board book. It has a cute baby with an oversized head crawling around searching for Easter eggs. The infant in question looks everywhere – from under a basket to beneath a hat, until she finds the hidden stash of eggs on the last page.

Inside page spread from Where are baby's Easter eggs board book
The basket lifts up to peek at what’s hiding behind it.

Each page has a flap that can be lifted to look for the missing eggs. The eggs on the back page pack an extra punch with their shiny bright texture. Even kids too young to manage the flaps will enjoy the simple sentences and repetitive movement as grown ups lift and look with them.

Page spread from lift the flap board book by Karen Katz
The hat on this page lifts up for exploring.

And if overzealous kids accidentally tear a flap, you can repair it easily with clear plastic packing tape and no one will be the wiser.

Easter basket for older infant stuffed with goodies
I stuck a copy of Where Are Baby’s Easter eggs in my daughter’s first Easter basket.

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