Better Buckets

Spielstabil small sand pail bucket in red with green handle empty

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Pails in Comparison

Spielstabil small sand pail bucket in red with green handle empty

  • What: Spielstabil Sand Pails
  • When: Birth until they stop digging and collecting
  • Why: Durable, multi-purpose
  • Where: Amazon

In case your kids collect eggs, or tracks, or hunt anything else at home or out and about, grab a bucket. A solid sand bucket toy will last all summer, and the movable handle offers easy access to get eggs and other found goodies in and out. Buckets offer a wider variety of sizes and colors with less bits that might break or get squished in a fall, especially for kids just getting steady upright.

Spielstabil Small Sand Pail on Amazon

I have a fondness for the Spielstabil brand that we own, especially for smaller hands. We received one as a gift when my firstborn was an infant, and it still works great all these years later. It has traveled on multiple trips with us, from Easter egg hunts to beach trips as well as the local sandbox, and I can’t find nary a crack. The handle holds up very well to heavy loads and lots of movement and pulling.

Spielstabil small german company bucket sand pail filled with golf balls and held aloft
This little bucket can hold all these golf balls and I can still pick it up without breaking the handle or the bucket.

Plus, the smaller size makes it easier to fit under strollers or take along, as well as being easier to carry around and lift for little ones. You pay more for this kind of longevity, though not an exorbitant amount. I’ve probably spent just as much in the last couple of years on the less expensive kind that don’t last a summer.

Spielstabil Large Sand Pail on Amazon

Once your kid gets bigger, you can graduate to the bigger bucket size from the same brand. It has all the great features with an even bigger load capacity.

toddler sitting in rocking chair with red spielstabil bucket
We’ve used this bucket since my firstborn was a baby.

You can also score a bucket during spring and summer at local stores and on Amazon for next to nothing. They might not last the entire season, but the price is right. They work great for Easter egg hunts, even better than baskets in my opinion. You can get them in a variety of colors and many come filled with other sand play accessories like shovels and molds.

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