Easter Baskets For Ages 3-6

Chocolate bunny missing head on Easter themed place mat

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Tiny Things Kids Can Hunt

Chocolate bunny missing head on Easter themed place mat

  • What: Easter basket treats for bigger kids
  • When: 3 to 6 years
  • Why: Take up less space, last longer than one day
  • Where: Inside baskets

I went to the store to peruse the Easter offerings. (Alright, full confession, I went to scout out the best Easter candy. Did you know they have Peeps Oreos now? What is the world coming to?) Even the stores like Target now have Easter basket liners front and center. Not just any liner either, but personalized ones.

Monogrammed Easter basket liner from Target
Target sells these Easter basket liners now.

Since when do Easter baskets need a personalized liner to be up to snuff? Heck, for that matter, when did kids start getting a new Easter basket every year? My kid has used the same basket every year for eight years now. While it does not look brand new, I can hardly complain (though I do wish someone would make a basket that could be stored more easily for the other 364 days of the year).

Preschooler digging through Easter bag during trip abroad
I took plastic eggs with us on our trip abroad that coincided with Easter, but couldn’t bring myself to pack baskets. So each kid got a lovely bag of goodies instead, and later used them to hunt.

Although looking back, my kids have had to make do with whatever non-squished basket I could put my hands on any particular year. Not to mention the year we traveled abroad for three weeks, including Easter, (a word to the wise: don’t go to any country during a holiday if you don’t know what days everything, and I mean everything, closes) and I couldn’t bring myself to pack three baskets. I took flat bags instead and made do. When I was a kid, we used the same fake grass every year, too, so that after a few years you could tell the grass was definitely greener in other kids’ baskets.

Anyway, enough of my pet peeves. Do you still need a few good ideas for Easter baskets for kids in the 3 to 6 age range? We’ve got you covered.

Driven pocket series dump truck blue yellow on interconnecting gray road pieces set up
Driven Pocket Series vehicles will fit into plastic eggs.

Check out the Driven Pocket Series or Tonka Tinys. You can open (and recycle!) the small garage boxes each one comes in, and the small vehicles inside fit perfectly into plastic eggs for a non-edible treat that won’t hog storage space. You never know which one you might get, so buy a pile and either split the duplicates between multiple kids or hope they don’t object to getting more than one of a kind. The only difference between the two brands besides the color of the garages are that Driven includes three pieces of connecting road in their boxes. If you want the extra pieces, go fro Driven. Otherwise Tonka will do fine.

Thomas the train minis in blue blind bags on Amazon
Amazon and most local drugstores sell these Thomas minis in blind bags.

Speaking of blind bags, you can get them in almost any character these days. We favor My Little Pony, Thomas the Train, and Crossy Road in our house, but you can find them in Num Noms, PJ Masks, Littlest Pet Shop, Trolls, and just about anything Disney just to name a few.

Amscan Coloring Kit 6
Amscan activity cases come in lots of different themes, too.

If none of those do it for you or your kids, try these Amscan activity cases for another great option that will pay for itself later, even if it doesn’t fit in an egg. These little plastic containers work great for trips or keeping kids entertained in almost any confined space, likes lines and restaurants. Each one contains multiple sheets of stickers, coloring pages, and four tiny markers (which might squish into an egg though I’ve never tried).

Uno card games for kids in teenage mutant ninja turtle and Jake Neverland Pirates versions
Uno card games come in different skill levels for different ages. My 5 and 7 year old love the version for older kids.

Uno card games make for another great choice in this age range. My three year old hasn’t quite caught on to the the game, but both my other kids have loved it for quite some time. You can get the cards in a variety of characters as well, and the game packs well for trips, but also works great at home. If you lose a card, don’t sweat it. You can still play the game and I doubt anyone will even notice.

Locomotive train twelve piece puzzle from Crocodile Creek with one piece left unassembled
Crocodile Creek puzzles offer puzzles with varying numbers of pieces and themes to fit almost any age and interest.

I also love Crocodile Creek puzzles. If you get the smaller size, you can fit the pieces into individual eggs, so kids can assemble the puzzle as they find or open eggs. Like most things listed here, they come in a variety of themes, so you can find one to fit your child’s interests, from fairies to trains, seas to space, and everything in between.

Since kids this age have generally learned about candy, I love to put jelly beans inside, too. For families with nut allergies or other diet limitations, you can use little marshmallows to round out the edible treats, in case the traditional chocolate contains undesirable ingredients.

As for me, I’m sticking to my stash of Cadbury eggs.

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