Oh My Omop

Omop by Method wood floor cleaner kit including mop, microfiber cloth, and squirt and mop cleaning solution in almond scent

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Mopping Without the Mess

Omop by Method wood floor cleaner kit including mop, microfiber cloth, and squirt and mop cleaning solution in almond scent

  • What: Omop cleaner
  • When: Ages 3 and up
  • Why: Kids love imitating, easy to use, clean floors
  • Where: Amazon

Oh my God, Omop! We’ve had our Omop kit for years. I don’t even know how long. But only recently did I put two and two together and come up with awesome! Omop lets you clean your floors with a mop and cleaning solution with no water needed. That means no hauling buckets, no rinsing and wringing the mop head, and most importantly, no worries about little ones drowning in a bucket of sudsy water. You can remove a piece or two of the handle from the assembled mop to fit almost any kid.

It turns out you can’t buy the O Mop kit anymore, but you can still score the cleaning solution. It comes in a variety of scents now, including Spearmint Sage, Ginger Yuzu, Lemon Ginger, and my beloved original, Almond.

Method Squirt and Mop Wood Floor Cleaner in Almond 2 Pack on Amazon

Toss a wet pad on a Swiffer Sweeper and you’ll have a setup almost as good as the original in no time, and for less than it costs to pay someone else (grown up) to do this job.

Swiffer Sweeper 2 in 1 Starter Kit on Amazon

So you know what that means, right? Those kids that want to be just like you? Or for older kids, when it’s high time you put them to work contributing to the household? They can mop. On their own. My very petite five year old can handle this job all by herself. She only needs me to unlock the childsafe Tot-Lok where we store the mopping solution.

Child shown near Omop mop from Method
My daughter will mop room after room with this handy curved mop (sadly out of production) from Method. Here she is opening the container to do more mopping.

She loves going around the house spraying the solution onto our hardwood floors and mopping it.  The original kit included machine washable cloths you can easily remove and reattach to the mop head, so she can do that part by herself, too.  She did seven rooms last week alone. (We’re currently paying by room, and she really wanted to beef up her bank account.) The floor dries quickly, so I don’t worry about anyone else slipping on wet floors either.

I love having clean floors, smelling that lovely scent that says I actually do housework (especially when I don’t), and the satisfaction my kids and I both get when they do jobs like mopping.

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