Easter with Curious George

Curious George monkey dying Easter eggs from Happy Easter book

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Hop Along with This Beloved Monkey

Curious George monkey dying Easter eggs from Happy Easter book

  • What: Happy Easter Curious George book
  • When: Ages 3 and up, or whenever they can sit still long enough
  • Why: Fun reading that outlasts the season
  • Where: Amazon

Do you need a book to round out your 3 to 6 year old’s Easter basket goodies/? If your little one loves Curious George, you can’t go wrong with this seasonal book that will last year round. We got our copy five years ago, and my kids still read it all the time, well past Easter and back into spring again the following year.

Happy Easter Curious George book on Amazon

The fun George story has all the Easter details, from bunnies to dyeing eggs to the hunt itself. Like all George books, it offers a meaningful message of learning from mistakes. With the help of his friend, the man in the yellow hat, George solves the problems and goes home happy with a full basket.

Curious George joins kids in dying Easter eggs at a park page spread from Happy Easter book
George discovers the joys of dyeing eggs.

The book also includes a sheet of Easter stickers at the back. Our stickers didn’t last past Easter Sunday, unlike the book. My kids stuck them on their plastic Easter eggs for decorations, as well as anything else they could reach.

Curious George and the Bunny board book on Amazon

Even though the stickers are long gone, we still enjoy this story and our friend George multiple times a year.

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