Envirosax Reusable Bags

Envirosax Reusable packable bag folding sack shown suspended with load of groceries

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Tremendous Packing Power in a Tiny Tote

Envirosax Reusable packable bag folding sack shown suspended with load of groceries

  • What: Envirosax Reusable Bags
  • When: Before, during, and after kids
  • Why: Durable, affordable, good for the environment
  • Where: Amazon

I’ve used environmentally friendly bags at stores for longer than I’ve lived on my own, up to and including the present time. But now that every store we go into has a selection of reusable bags you can purchase, I thought I’d mention my favorite sack.

Envirosax Wanderlust Individual Bag on Amazon

I love my Envirosax bag. I stumbled upon it back before the reusable craze hit every store and some cities outlawed plastic bags. I stuck it inside my purse and it has lived there ever since, long before I had children. Once my kids came along, I transferred it into my diaper bag, and it lived there for more than five years of regular use.

Envirosax sack rolled down to compact size
The huge sack rolls up into this compact, lightweight bundle.

I use it anytime I needed more bag capacity. It has carried groceries, sand toys, school supplies, extra luggage on airplanes, and any type of regular shopping (clothes, household goods, shoes, jackets) you can imagine. The entire bag still looks great and I’ve never even cleaned it. The handles hold up extremely well. The bag can hold so much weight that even I’ve never exceeded it. And it all packs down into a roll about the size of a pack of travel tissues.

Envirosax Reusable Bags Set of 5 on Amazon

These bags pack down so tiny my friend once whipped one out and I had the urge to pat her down to figure out where she had stashed it. She had on shorts and no purse when we had gone for a walk and decided to stop at the store.

Inside an Envirosax bag loaded with groceries
This bag can carry heavy and bulky items with no fears of ripping, tearing, or dropping the load.

I can refold it in about ten seconds flat with zero effort. The polyester material resists moisture, dries quickly if it does get wet, and doesn’t rip or tear. Not a single seam has come undone in our tenure together, and we’ve been to quite a few places. The selection of patterns and colors can’t be beat. I want to buy some more just because I love the colors, but I can’t justify the purchase when my old bag still works so well and looks great. Maybe I can put one in each bag instead of switching mine around, and convince myself that way.

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