Stomp Rocket

Stomp rocket jr launcher pink with blue hose

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Launch Kids into STEM Fun

Stomp Rocket Jr hose up close

  • What: Stomp Rocket
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Multipurpose, durable, appeals to large age range
  • Where: Amazon

Our stomp launcher, in theory an outside toy, has served us well for years. We’ve had our stomp rocket longer than we’ve had three children, so I know it’s at least four years old, and I suspect we got it more than five years ago.

The Original Stomp Rocket Jr Glow on Amazon

Our rocket launcher has long outlasted the rockets packaged with it. Those offered plenty of fun, until my oldest pulled the fins off each rocket one by one for fun. It did not surprise me that the rockets don’t fly half as well once the fins start flying off. The launcher also came with a stand, and I haven’t seen that in years either, but those missing items have not slowed down the fun.

Stomp rocket jr launcher pink with blue hose
We only have the air-filled launcher and hose left from the original set, but it still offers limitless fun.

My kids used it to launch the original rockets until I recycled what was left of those. Then they used it to fill up their Cozy Coupe, trikes, bikes, and other outdoor riding toys with gas. After several years of backyard love, my youngest son took it to the beach and used it to to spray water and sand everywhere, then brought it home and cleaned it out in the bathtub. Thus it became a bath toy. Most recently, it has returned to its original intended purpose of rocket launching. My older kids learned to make paper rockets that would fly by rolling up pieces of paper around the launching tube and adding lots of tape and a tapered nose.

I wouldn’t even hazard a guess at how many times my kids have stomped this thing. They have clogged it with sand and gravel, mud and dirt, and who knows what else. And it still works. I find that nothing short of amazing, because we have plenty of other outdoor toys meant for those types of materials that don’t still function.

Stomp Rockets come in Junior, which we received as a gift all those years ago. Amazon also has Ultra , glow in the dark, Ultra LED, Party Pack , and Super High Performance varieties, just to name a few. The main difference between the regular and junior versions are the rockets themselves. The junior ones consist entirely of foam, so they launch easier and hurt less when used for other purposes, but don’t go as high. They also work better indoors, though you can’t get the full 100 feet propulsion inside most buildings. The regular rockets sport foam tips on top of plastic rockets and go much higher, though they take more oomph to launch.

Toddler playing with foam rockets from stomp launcher
My son playing with the stomp rockets back when they were brand new.

Whenever I can get it out of the house, I keep it in our storage bench for easy access but safe from the elements, though I reiterate that nothing nature throws at it hasn’t already been done by my kids. The manufacturer recommends the Stomp Rocket Junior for ages 3 and up, but we started right around age 2. All the other types of stomp rockets are recommended for ages six and up. If your kids also rip the fins off or get their rockets stuck in trees, you can buy refill packs, too, assuming your kids don’t start manufacturing their own rockets. We’ve never bought extra rockets and still I would highly recommend this toy.

If you want some outdoor fun that will last for ages to come, jump on this stomp rocket.

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