Big Dot to Dot Pad

Connect Your Kids with Number FunUsborne big dot to dot pad activity workbook

  • What: Big Dot to Dot Pad
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, educational, quiet fun
  • Where: Amazon

My kids have totally become absorbed in their Big Dot to Dot pad. We’ve had it tucked into our workbooks for months, but recently, something clicked. Perhaps their ability to count higher made this big book more appealing. This workbook offers bigger numbers than most, and comes from Usborne, and I can’t get enough of their books of all sorts.

Each page has a different theme with multiple dot to dot puzzles waiting to be connected and discovered. Although the size can make it unreasonable for travel unless you have a big carry on bag, it offers lots of additional activities on each page, such as coloring and look and find puzzles.

Pond page from usborne's big dot to dot activity pad workbook

Each page has a different theme, like this pond one, and multiple dot to dots to solve.

The book measures about 11 inches tall by 14 inches wide. The strong cardboard backing helps provide a sturdy surface to practice burgeoning writing skills, and also doubles as a blank page if your child should complete all the other activities in the book. It has 30 pages that can be torn out as needed, so you can share among multiple children simultaneously, or dole them out one at time to make the fun last longer.

Kids connecting the dots on the big dot to dot pad

My two kids one of the many times they peacefully shared the giant dot to dot book.

Usborne also offers maps, mazes, and puzzle pads in the same format. I suspect we will be ordering those next.

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