Orbrium Wooden Trains

Red engine from target wooden trains peeking out of Orbrium tunnel with tree painted on side and gray roof

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Lay Out Less for Tracks

Red engine from target wooden trains peeking out of Orbrium tunnel with tree painted on side and gray roof

  • What: Orbrium Wooden Train Accessories
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Durable, affordable, compatible with other wooden track systems
  • Where: Amazon

Two toys get used every day in our household of three kids 7 and under: magnet tiles and wooden trains. I’ve already covered the best places to get a brand new set for a bargain price, and where to find some additional pieces for less than the bigger name prices of Thomas the Train and Brio. But if you want to supplement your train sets with specific pieces, check out the Orbrium line of accessories.

Orbrium Six Arches Viaduct Bridge for Wooden Train Sets on Amazon

I’ve never seen this brand in stores, but we’ve owned multiple products from them for years, including the tunnel and six arch bridge. I have no complaints, and lots of good things to say. Unlike some of the other affordable options, these pieces seem incredibly sturdy. I have not had to fix a single piece. The pieces we own don’t have any moving parts or bits that might break off. But some pieces of track have lost their connectors, or even split down the middle of the wooden tracks (not without cause, but still). My kids have stood on the tunnel from Orbrium, and despite a few nicks here and there, it still functions perfectly, fits tall engines, and stores away easily in bins or drawers when not in use.

Orbrium Large Wooden Train Tunnel on Amazon

If you’d like to expand your child’s train tracks without breaking the budget, check out their entire line of tunnels, trains, tracks, and turntables.

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