Sunscreen on the Go

Babyganics pure mineral sunscreen stick SPF 50 green case with white base

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All the Protection Without the Mess

Babyganics pure mineral sunscreen stick SPF 50 green case with white base

  • What: Babyganics Sunscreen Stick
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Minimize sun cancer risks, prevent sunburn
  • Where: Amazon

It’s April, which means the sun has started peeking out from time to time, and I’ve begun to think about sunscreen. I like to keep a bottle by every door of the house, because I firmly believe in preventing skin cancer by the frequent application of glops of sunscreen onto wriggly kids.

Babyganics Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 Pack of 2 on Amazon

I also don’t want my skin cancer prevention to cause any other health problems for my kids down the road, so I care about the type of sunscreen we use and its safety ratings.

I toss one of these Babyganics sunscreen sticks into my bag so I have an emergency supply on hand anywhere we go. It fits, doesn’t weight too much or take up too much room in my bag, and if one of my kids takes off their coat at the playground, I can whip it out and fix them up with sunscreen on the spot.

Open container of Babyganics sunscreen stick pure mineral formula SPF 50 green lid
The solid sunscreen means no spills.

I also love it for traveling. If I’m not checking a bag and don’t feel like decanting sunscreen into a travel sized bottle (that I will immediately forget what it contains, and not be able to tell the difference between sunscreen, what kind, the SPF, or even guess which container has conditioner and which one is sunscreen until it is too late), I toss one of these into my suitcase. Because it’s a solid, it doesn’t irk security or set off alarms at x-ray machines. It also means it won’t spill in my bag or purse and get all over everything that doesn’t need sunscreen anyway.

You can buy the solid sticks in one, two, or three packs, depending on your level of sun exposure and paranoia.

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