Duplo People Set

Populate Your PlacesDuplo people lined up in rows with different sizes genders and skin tones

  • What: Duplo People Set
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: More people means more building fun
  • Where: Amazon

Lots of Duplo sets come with people to populate your child’s creations, but only bigger sets include more than one person. Even then, the ratio of blocks to people remains surprisingly low. We got this awesome bag full of people as a gift for my third child, after it felt like we owned every Duplo thing we could ever possibly need and then some. It turns out we needed these people, too.

All three of my kids enjoy the variety of people included in this set. I love not having to paw through giant bins of loud Duplo Lego to find the person hiding so my kids can play. I love it even more that they don’t have to dig through our collection to find a person, or three, and wake up napping siblings (or me on that rare morning sleeping in).

Seven year old playing with Duplo people figurines

My eldest son enjoys adding people to his creations at age seven.

The figurines come in various ages and sizes, as well as different skin colors, which I totally support. We had a serious dearth of female characters, and definitely no senior citizens. While it’s still far from gender equality, at least we have some options. Now my daughter can have an entire extended family move into the houses she builds, and my sons have enough people to populate entire armies or drive all their battleships.

If you don’t already own a world of people, or even if you only have a few, I highly recommend plunking down the money to supplement your sets.

Duplo figurines lined up in three rows

I have no idea which of our figurines came from the pack of people and which ones came with various sets of blocks.

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