I’m Dirty

I'm Dirty board book by Kate and Jim McMullan

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These Books Don’t Stink

I'm Dirty board book by Kate and Jim McMullan
  • What: Books by Kate and Jim McMullan
  • When: Ages 12 months and up
  • Why: Cute, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

If you haven’t met Kate and Jim McMullan’s series of vehicles, get ready for some serious silly fun. I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love these characters. We started with I’m Stinky years ago, and have worked our way through most of the series and back again. My three year old can’t get enough of the fun sounds and colorful cartoon illustrations. My seven year old still loves them, and even my daughter, who has long since passed her vehicle phase, gets a kick out of these reads.

I Stink! book on Amazon

I Stink! and I’m Dirty! now come in both board book and picture book formats, with the same sweet illustrations and stories in both. Stinky and Dirty have become so popular they even have their own show, though that wasn’t the case when I first discovered these books back in 2008. McMullan has added even more vehicles to her beloved series, including a tug boat, a train, a fire truck, a zamboni, and a school bus, all of which come in picture books.

Page spread with text and cartoon illustrations from I'm Dirty! by Kate McMullan
We can’t get enough of the rubbish in I’m Dirty!.

I Stink! debuted to rave reviews, and I’m Mighty! followed a year after, with the big hit I’m Dirty! coming in 2006. I’m Fast!, I’m Brave!, and I’m Cool! hit shelves one after the other every year or so, and the latest, I’m Smart!, is no exceptional to the spirited community helper crew. I’m Tough!, reportedly coming soon, will round out the vehicle options in this nitty gritty fun series that delights all ages.

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