Whereabouts Wallet

Petunia Pickle Bottom Whereabouts Wallet in Happieness in Hamburg print peach flowers with grey and white stems on black background

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Petunia Pickle Bottom Whereabouts Wallet in Happieness in Hamburg print peach flowers with grey and white stems on black background

  • What: Petunia Pickle Bottom Whereabouts Wallet
  • When: Before and during parenthood
  • Why: Compact, cute, durable, useful
  • Where: Secondhand, Amazon, or anywhere else you can find one

Never Wonder About Your Wallet

If you, like me, believe that you’ve sacrificed some brain cells with the birth of each child, then maybe this wallet will also help you out. I used to forget something important (phone, keys, ID) every time I left my house, especially when switching between bags often. I also wanted to keep the important stuff I didn’t want stolen on me at all times, but women’s clothing offers woefully few pockets. Then I spotted this item on clearance in a store and immediately added it to my wish list. It magically appeared on my doorstep on the next gifting occasion, and I still use it everyday more than two years later.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Whereabouts Wallet on Amazon

I love the removable strap. It meant I could wear it across my body and not have to fret about a bag that didn’t play well with my baby carrier. It also meant my wallet got into most crowded events, like sporting events and concerts, without causing alarm. Yet it can hold my ID, multiple other cards and cash, lip balm, Aquaphor, finger nail clippers and a fingernail file, and even a pen if I get one short enough. The outside pocket fits my phone perfectly, and keeps it handy yet secure with a simple snap strap. I even love the outside photo or ID pocket to personalize it, and don’t get me started on the irresistible patterns Petunia Pickle Bottom offers.

Whereabouts Wallet by PPB with removable wristlet and long shoulder strap
You can use the wallet with the removable wristlet strap, long strap, or all by itself with no straps at all.

It not only came with a long strap, but it also included a wristlet strap. So if I didn’t want it dangling across my body, I can carry it on my wrist. I also tossed it with abandon into any bag, from my diaper bag to my evening purses and underneath the stroller. But unlike all the other stuff, I could easily take it with me at the playground while I chased not one but two rambunctious toddlers with a third child strapped to my chest.

Whereabouts Wallet shown with contents
I can fit a lot of things inside this compact wallet (including my phone, not pictured).

Inside, it features one zippered pocket and three card slots. I never zip my pocket. Instead I stick my ID in there. I carry my three most important cards in the slots, but have half a dozen or more in the zippered pouch along with my ID, cash, and who knows what else. In between the two sides, I keep my fingernail clippers and file with a short pen and some type of lip balm.

Clear outside pocket on Whereabouts Wallet
One side features a clear pocket for either ID or a photo.

The thick material holds up well to the elements and wear and tear. I accidentally ripped one of the hooks for the straps out when I forgot I was wearing it in the car and it got stuck on the seatbelt. I didn’t realize the issue until it was too late, but I managed to repair it once. Now I carry it almost solely in other bags (sadly it doesn’t have room for an Epipen), but since my youngest child can not only walk but run, I have my hands free more often, too. (And I’ve downgraded my diaper bag for a regular bag with some extras.)

Side view of Whereabouts Wallet
The outside pocket holds my phone securely.

They still make the Wanderlust Wallet, which is not at all the same. You have to hunt, but if you happen upon a Whereabouts Wallet, snatch it up quick. I’ve never regretted owning mine and I would gladly buy it again, new or used, if only I could. (Full confession: In researching for this post, I stumbled across a used one and didn’t even hesitate to hit the buy button.)

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