The Book With No Pictures

Reading Is BelievingThe Book With No Pictures cover by B.J. Novak

  • What: The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Kids love it
  • Where: Amazon

If you think a kid’s book with no illustrations sounds like a bore, think again. The Book With No Pictures has been a hit in our house for well over a year. We received it as a gift, and I’d send it to everyone I know if they didn’t already own it.

While it doesn’t contain a single illustration, kids love the zany script that forces parents to read crazy things and say stuff normally off limits. For instance, has anyone seen Boo Boo Butt lately? Each page gets progressively more intriguing and out there, so that kids can’t wait to see what lurks on the next page. It even has a song about eating bugs. As far as I can tell, it appeals to almost all ages (any kid that can sit still for a book of this length) and genders, without being in the least bit stereotypical.

Book With No Pictures black text on white page

The font starts off in a consistent size black on the white background.

The font starts off black on clean white pages, then certain words start appearing larger and in color, until the text gets crazy and splits into the crazy talk and the hypothetical adult’s response to saying such silly things. Then towards the end, the page explodes with colors and curves all contained in the text. The words can give even someone with an English degree trouble with pronunciation – all to the delight of listeners.

Page spread from Book With No Pictures Blork Bluurf

The fun words give everyone a case of the giggles, with nary an illustration in sight.

This book reminds adults what it’s like to be a kid, and get the giggles over silly stuff. Check it out today, and see what happens in your favorite reading spot.

One thought on “The Book With No Pictures

  1. We were given this book as a gift and while my son (15 months old) is a little young to sit through the whole thing, he really likes the excerpts we read from it. It’s such a fun change for us as parents too, since it’s different from all the other children’s books we own.


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