Spray Chalk

Shower Sidewalks with ColorSpray chalk in four different colors orange green pink and blue with color coded tops

  • What: Spray Chalk
  • When: Ages 3 and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, easy to clean
  • Where: Amazon

I stumbled upon this spray chalk several times before my resolve broke down. I brought home six bottles. I stashed it and pulled it out this weekend to all my kids’ delight.

While my kids emptied the small bottles in record time, they sure had fun doing it. The spray bottles come with powdered sidewalk chalk (colored cornstarch really) in a variety of bright colors. I brought home green, orange, purple, blue, and two pinks, and feel like we totally got my $6 worth.

Spray chalk close up of bottles

Each bottle includes easy directions: add water and shake.

You fill the bottle with water to the fill line, and shake until all the powder dissolves, then let your kids loose. Our bottles also had a plug in the spray tube that had to be removed first, even though it wasn’t mentioned in the instructions printed on the side of the bottle. Each bottle nozzle had two settings: spray and stream. My kids sprayed everything in sight, but none of us liked the stream setting much as it didn’t distribute color very well.

Kids spraying sidewalk chalk on walkway

My kids started on the horizontal flagstone walk.

The water based color shows up best on white surfaces, much like regular sidewalk chalk. It runs down vertical surfaces, but will pool for bright spots of color. Once it dries, it has the same consistency as sidewalk chalk with a more even distribution. It will last about as long, too, until rain or other water comes along to wash it away.

Girl spraying white picket fence with sidewalk chalk

Then they discovered the white fence showed color better.

All three of my kids, ranging in age from 3 to 7, loved it. They had us refill the bottles, but the second round didn’t offer much color so they gave up soon after that. I have grand dreams of crushing our sidewalk chalk remnants and using the spray bottles again another time, but I’ll have to report back on the success of that once we’ve tried it.

Sidewalk chalk spray on white picket fence when dry

After the spray chalk dries, it looked like this on our previously white picket fence.

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