Babies Come From Airports

Bringing Baby HomeBabies Come From Airports by Erin Dealey picture book

  • What: Babies Come From Airports book
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Celebrate differences, explains adoption
  • Where: Amazon

If you want a sweet read for your child that explains where babies come from, check out Babies Come From Airports by Erin Dealey from Kane Miller books. While it doesn’t touch on any actual reproductive topics, it does offer a cute look at adopted kids, and one way they join their forever families.

The rhyming text and cartoon illustrations speak to any kid about the different ways people become part of families, and why not all kids look like their parents. It addresses the way love doesn’t require a biological connection, and strengthens the family bonds of anyone who reads it. While it focuses on international adoption, it can be used when expecting any new member of the family, or even just to expand kids’ horizon in a fun and loving manner.

Page spread from babies come from airports book

The cute illustrations and rhyming text make this sweet book even more appealing.

Even if your kids came into your family through the birth canal, you’ll love this sweet read.

Page from Babies Come From Airports

Every family can relate to the sentiments in this book.

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